18/12/2017 – SECTIONS

 MORNING: Chairman  Nilza Pires (DFTE-UFRN)

08:30hs – 09:00hs  –  Opening Section: Rubens M. do Nascimento (Pró-Reitor de Pesquisa – UFRN), Douglas do Nascimento Silva (Director of the ECT-UFRN) and José Ademir Sales de Lima (Coordinator, USP)

 9:00hs – 9:50hs  Ioav Waga: Einstein and the Birth of Modern Cosmology: Celebrating 100 Years of Relativistic Cosmology

10:00hs –  10:30hs  –  Coffee Break

10:30hs – 11:00hs – Rafael C. Nunes:  Probing the properties of Relic Neutrinos from CMB, HST and Galaxy Clusters

 11:00hs – 11:30hs –  Rose Clívia Santos: The Coincidence and Cosmological Constant Problems in a Large Class of Variable Λ(H) models

 11:30hs – 12:00hs  Pedro da Cunha Ferreira: Cosmological Constraints from  Quasar Data


AFTERNOON: Chairman – João Vital da Cunha Jr.  (ECT-UFRN)

 14:30hs – 15:20hs  –  Marcelo Rebouças: F(T) Teleparallel Gravity and Cosmology

 15:30hs – 16:00hs  –  Janilo Santos: A Balance Equation for the Local Energy of the Gravitational Field

16:00hs –  16:30hs –  Coffee Break and Poster Section 

 16:30hs – 17:00hs  –  João Maria da Silva: Chandrasekhar’s Dynamical Friction and Non-Extensive Statistics

 17:00hs – 17:30hs –  Fernando Sasse:  Can Lorentz Transformations be Determined      by the Null Maxwell-Morley Result?

17:30hs – 18:00hs – Carlos Alberto S. de Almeida – Corrections to Newton’s
Law of Gravitation – Application to Asymmetric Hybrid Model

 18:00hs – 18:30hs  –  Valdir Bezerra:  Some Remarks on Two Visions of Quantum Cosmology: Wheeler – De Witt  Equation  and  Newtonian  Approach


19/12/2016 – SECTIONS

 MORNING: Chairman –  Pedro da Cunha Ferreira (ECT – UFRN)

8:30hs – 9:20hs  – Leonardo Almeida: High-Mass Binary Systems and their Connection with Gravitational Waves

9:30hs    10:00hs  – Official Picture, Coffee Brake and Poster Section

10:00hs  – 10:30hs – Francisco Edson da Silva: Searching for Gravitational Waves from Exoplanets

10:30hs – 11:00hs – Wellington Amorim Bezerra: Non-Extensive Distribution and Stellar Rotational Velocity

11:00hs – 11:30hs – Jefferson Soares da Costa: Solar analogs and twins occurrence in Kepler mission: a study with trilegal simulation

11:30hs – 12:00hs  –  João Vital da Cunha Jr:  Some Implications on Habitable Zone from Gravitational Waves


AFTERNOON: Chairman – João Maria da Silva  (CFP – UFCG)

14:30hs – 15:20hs  –  J. A. S. Lima: The Arrow of Time and Cosmology

15:30hs – 16:00hs  –  Maria Aparecida dos Santos: Theoretical and Observational Analyses of the Inflationary β-model

16:00hs – 16:30hs  –  Coffee Brake and Poster Section

16:30hs – 17:00hs – Ednilton S. de Oliveira: Scalar Scattering from Static Black Holes in the ADD Model

17:00hs – 17:30hs – Francisco Ernandes Matos Costa: On the Analogy
between the Skydiver and Scalar Field Dynamics in Cosmology

17:30hs – 18:30hs  –  Round Table and Closing Section

Chairman –  Francisco Edson da Silva (ECT-UFRN)

Open Problems in the Interface uniting Astrophysics, Cosmology, Gravitation and Particle Physics: Ioav,  Marcelo,  Leonardo  e  Ademir.  10 minutes for each lecturer followed by questions/comments from audience.

All talks will be presented at Room 4 (1st Floor)
Escola de Ciências e Tecnologia (ECT)
Campus Universitário – UFRN – Lagoa Nova